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Business Planning

The Strategic Business Plan provides a roadmap to define company values, create a singular vision and chart a direction for growth.

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Financial Strategy

A sound financial strategy enables your organisation to assess your financial needs and the sources of support required.

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Business Valuation

Businesses need to be valued for M&A or new equity investments, but placing a valuation on young companies can be tricky.

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Strategic Marketing

The marketing plan is a road map to identify threats and opportunities, and to assess whether the strategy creates value for the firm.

Recent Projects

Financial Plan

Developed a financial plan for a start up company in the e-health sector, by defining revenue and cash flow projections for investors.

Business Valuation

Business Valuation for a SME company operating in the design and manufacturing of granulators and shredders.

Pricing Strategy

Developed a pricing strategy for a startup business operating in the recycling sector by estimating costs and defining pricing methods for each market segment.

Financial and Cost Analysis

Set up yearly and monthly Financial Statements, by developing sales forecast and cash flow projection; developed a pricing tool through Cost and Break Even Analysis.


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